Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

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Oriental Acupuncture  针灸 incorporating: 

💎Electro-acupuncture  电针灸

💎Auricular acupuncture  耳针灸

💎Herbal Medicine 中国草药

💎Moxibustion  艾灸

💎Cupping   拔罐

💎Gua sha    刮痧

💎Tui na (Chinese massage)   推拿 (中国式按摩

💎Biopuncture injection therapy

💎Trigger point injection therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acupuncture and what does it do?  

The practice of acupuncture is the medicine of the everyday and thus, a way of life. It is the ancient technique of releasing and aligning energy as it flows through the body, spirit and the earth and ebbs and flows with the change of seasons. An acupuncture session is a relaxing, pain-free experience that often results in a short nap. During your session, tiny needles will stimulate and unblock energy meridians along the body so that this energy may flow freely. This flowing energy is both healing and invigorating, a general boost to the body’s own resources. Acupuncture is a preventative as well as a curative, and its effects are cumulative.

What is Oriental Acupuncture 针灸?

TCM is Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Traditional East Asian Medicine, or Oriental Medicine is the ancient practice of cultivating total and complete states of health and well-being through specific methods based on the laws of nature. Oriental Medicine focuses mainly on the flow of Qi, or energy, that may become blocked or stagnant due to states of imbalance. Some of the methods Oriental Medicine employs to maintain this balance are Acupuncture, Acupressure, and herbal therapies. Oriental Medicine teaches you how to live a life of balance, wellness and harmony.

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy which consists of burning dried mugwort (moxa) over particular acupuncture points and meridians on the body. Moxa is used to strengthen the immune system, to warm the body and to bring more qi and blood flow to an area.
What is Cupping 拔罐?  

Cupping is an ancient healing technique which involves placing glass, plastic, or bamboo jars on the skin to relieve pain, release toxins, or soothe chronic pain. The cups are filled with a flammable substance and lit in order to remove the oxygen from inside the cup. This creates a vacuum effect, and the cups are then placed on the skin. The vacuum effect tugs gently on the skin, opening the pores, stimulating and balancing the flow of blood and balancing and realigning the flow of Qi. Cups are usually left on the skin for five to ten minutes and are often adjusted during the session to address the affected area. Cupping is not painful but often leaves a small mark where the blood flow has been stimulated. These marks usually disappear within a couple of days.

What is Gua sha 刮痧?  

Gentle gliding using a flat handled tool over the skin with serum, following the  meridians of the body.  A facial for brighter, tighter, rejuvenated skin.What is Electro-Acupuncture 电针灸? Electroacupuncture is a form of acupuncture where a small electric current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles. This practice could augment pain efficacy.  Treatment of moderate post-chemotherapy vomiting may be amenable.

What is Tuina 推拿 (中国式按摩?  

Therapeutic massage along the meridians and acupoints, and may also involve traction.

What is Biopuncture and Trigger Point Injection?  

Injection therapy located at the site of pain and inflammatory problems.  Trigger Point Injection occurs into the painful knot or band.

Do the needles hurt?  

Not usually.  Some people say they feel like a small pinch when inserted. Usually acupuncture elicits a state of deep relaxation and often results in a nap. The needles themselves are about the thickness of a strand of hair.  Acupuncture needles are metallic and hair-thin.  They are single-packed and pre-sterilised.  People feel no, or minimal pain as the the needles are being inserted. Once the needle is inserted to the proper depth, they will feel the needle sensation – a kind of heaviness or numbness (it may feel like water flowing around the point). Acupuncture treatment is safe and does not have any adverse effects, if utilised correctly.

What can acupuncture help me with?  

We are not lying when we say: everything. Aside from helping you feel relaxed, energised and beautiful, acupuncture can help you live longer, think clearer, alleviate physical pain and mental anguish and quell insomnia and depression. If you would like to see an acupuncturist about a medical issue we will happily refer you to a local practitioner.  Acupuncture could be helpful for treating many problems.  For example, sports injuries, neck pain, lower back pain, headache, insomnia, tinnitus, paralysis, women’s conditions and more.  Acupoints are stimulated, meridian-qi and  qi-blood flow promoted, readjusting yin and yang, rebuilding the body’s balance.

Does ACC approve Acupuncture treatments?  

If your situation is covered by ACC, then ACC would contribute towards your treatment costs, and there is a small surcharge that you will be charged at this clinic.

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Thanks for reading about our approach to Acupuncture. Dr. Sharon Awatere holds a Masters and Doctorate in Public Health.  Dr. Awatere  is one of very few Osteopath practitioners to have trained in Traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncture, combining Oriental philosophy. This involved extensive training over a decade, perfecting her knowledge and experience of these disciplines.  

Because Chinese Medicine works on the whole body, the focus is on restoring balance on every level, through the use of either TCM Acupuncture or Chinese herbs, alone or in combination. For more information do not hesitate to TXT  0211 836 894, or get in touch here: