SundayVibes: Chair Acupuncture



– Sundays 12-4pm: Reserve your chair –

– TXT 0211 836 894 –

Welcome to The Health Boutique!

Please eat something before your acupuncture treatment and when coming to group acupuncture, please wear loose clothing that can be rolled up so that the acupuncturist can access your feet, knees, arms, and face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is group-style or community-style (chair) acupuncture? A. The major elements of our chair acupuncture is that it offers individual treatments in a comfortable, healing, group setting. We think this is a revolutionary approach to the well-being of our local community. And The Health Boutique is proud to be a part of it. Our chair acupuncture seeks to provide care for wellbeing.  A simple yet comprehensive treatment.


Q. What should I expect at my first appointment? A. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, and show up a few minutes early for your New Patient appointment. When you first come in, you’ll want to stop by the front desk and check in. You will give the office person your completed paperwork and payment. Many like to book their future appointment(s) at the same time. After you’re finished checking in, the acupuncturist will introduce themselves and review your health history, listen to your goals, carefully explain the process, and will help ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable at all times. Your acupuncturist will then take you into the treatment room and show you to your recliner, in a room with others. Remove your shoes & socks, and put them in a basket under your chair where no one will trip over them. Roll up your sleeves to your elbows, and your pant-legs to your knees. Relax and bliss out. If you have never had acupuncture before, you may be a bit nervous at first, but you’re in for a real treat. This is a safe and healing space.

Q. What will my acupuncturist do? A. Our signature acupuncture treatment offers a daily respite from the fray. Acupuncture and aromatherapy inhalation are included in this treatment. Our guests receive individual attention in a communal environment. Though wellness and relaxation could be attained in 45 minutes, we invite you to linger for up to an hour.  At subsequent visits, the acupuncturist will check on your progress and treat you accordingly.  Free complementary parking available.  Easy access, we are stair-free and wheelchair-accessible.  Service animal-friendly.   Accessible to the vision-impaired. Accessible to the hearing-impaired.

Q. Issuing a receiptA. Upon request, we are more than happy to issue you a receipt.  Eftpos only (we are a cash-free clinic).

Q. What is my responsibility as a patient at The Health Boutique? A. Our chair Acupuncture simply entails a few acupuncture points on the hands and feet.  By utilising this style of acupuncture, we can treat people in a community setting.  Chair acupuncture is focussed on wellbeing.

Q. What is the cost? A. The following chair options are available Sundays 1-4pm:  (i). Single chair acupuncture treatment $15. (ii) Two pp. chair acupuncture treatment $25.  (ii). Self-Care Bundle (5 chair acupuncture treatments) $50  (iii). Monthly Membership:  $45 a month (billed monthly to be used toward services).  Cancel anytime after 4 months.  *Free chair treatment gift certificate for a friend when you sign up!  (iv). Unlimited Monthly session $80.  Unlimited monthly chair sessions, may be shared with a spouse.

Q. How do I book?  A. We offer Chair Acupuncture by Appointment (schedule permitting).  Payment is made in advance of treatment via eftpos on the day (we are a cash-free clinic).  Reserve your chair this Sunday 12-4pm.  Bring a friend, family member  or significant other for an hour of respite from the fray.  TXT: 0211 836 894, or get in touch here: