Oriental Medicine: Winter themešŸ–¤



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Winter is a time to eat nourishing foods, to help the body preserve energy. Ā According to Oriental Medicine, food tonics could have healthful effects, than supplementation and drugs. Ā If you suffer a cold constitution with cold hands and feet, weak kidney health with frequent urination, cold body parts with constant pain such as lower back pain, ankle pain then winter could be the time to correct these health problems – when your body is most responsive to nutritional treatment! Ā Try the following recipe to maintain a healthy balance:

Black Bean Congee

Therapeutic effects: Ā Promote kidney health

Ingredients: Ā Azuki beans 3 TBS; Ā Kumara 30gm; Goji-berry x20; Black Rice 1/2 cup.

Directions: Ā Pre-soak rice, beans, goji-berries separately overnight in the fridge. Ā Pour away the water used for soaking the black beans and goji-berries. Ā Retain the water used for soaking the black rice and add 3 C water. Ā Pop everything (including kumara) into a crock pot and simmer on low for 2hrs until the congee becomes very soft, adding water if nec. Ā Eat warm 1-2 times a day with lunch or dinner for best results.