Māori Romiromi & Mirimiri

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Charlotte Mildon is the author of He Atua Wahine at the Source of Ancient Maori Healing in Aotearoa.  Charlotte’s work is informed by a body of knowledge that has as its core the enhancement of wellbeing. Her approach  is formulated in a Māori cultural context, in which the understanding of events leading to ill health and its impacts are addressed through a range of culturally bounded responses. These responses include ‘romiromi’ (healing), ‘mirimiri’ (massage) and ‘karakia’ (prayer):

Kia ora. Ko Charlotte Mildon tēnei.  Drawing on over 15 years of experience, I work with Romiromi & Mirimiri. In the Māori culture, we are spiritual beings, having an earthly experience and use the healing powers of our ancestors.  As taught to me by the late Papa Hohepa De La Mere, the voices of nature inform Te Oomai Reia, an indigenous holistic clearing work, that is used to open and release unwanted energies. Sometimes kohatu – (greenstone), rakau (wood), wai (water) and takutaku (chants) are used in the healing process, to invoke the spiritual guardians of our natural resources.

Te Oomai Reia: Romiromi Māori Healing Session

Some of the memories held in the body have taken a lifetime to create. Using deep bodywork, Romiromi techniques can open and release memories that clutter up your mind and your body, that keep you from living your life to your full potential.  Many have found Te Oomai Reia romiromi sessions to mark the beginning of a new life, having released old baggage that is held on to on many levels: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Patients remain fully clothed.

Mirimiri Healing Bodywork

Gentle manipulation of spiritual energy. Mirimiri uses a gentle mirimiri bodywork to support you to let go, relax and clear accumulated energies, so you can move forward.

Watch online video tutorials of Te Oomai Reia Romiromi: https://www.patreon.com/aiohealing.

Kia ora.  Thank you.


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