Herbal Body Oiling

Reported effects of consistent herbal body oiling include:

💎 relaxed muscles

💎 better sleep

💎 increased immunity

💎 softer, healthier skin

💎 calmer nerves

💎 better movement and less stiffness in the joints

💎 pain relief

💎 increased warmth & circulation

💎 clearer thinking

💎 feeling more centered

💎 increased energy and stamina

💎 deeper self-knowledge and greater self-love

Herbal Body Oiling is provided from the perspectives of both Eastern and Western medicine. Herbal Body Oiling can be a quick way to drop the nervous system into a state of immediate calm and relaxation.  It can help to sustain that state of relaxed calm over time.  Further, nourishing the skin and nerves, as well as boosting immunity by keeping the lymphatic system hydrated and flowing.  Interested in learning?  See The Health Boutique’s Foundation course in Holistic Clinical Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Therapeutics.  For more information, email: