Facial: Structural Realignment

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Structural Realignment Facial aims to free the deep patterns under the myofascial layers outside the skull and around the jaw using intra-oral,  intra-nasal and other crania-facial approaches.  The facial bones ‘scaffold’ the mouth, nose, eyes and ears (where myofascial imbalances may be held).  Consultation commences with your history, visual and palpatory assessment of each facial bone in turn, utilising a fundamental protocol for effective treatment.

This facial seeks to bridge local patterns in the head to full body patterns, along with postural considerations.  These techniques are also indicated for problems involving the shape of the face, alignment of the mandible, TMJ dysfunction, migraines, chronic sinus infections and trauma to the face. For more information do not hesitate to contact Sharon 0211 836 894, or get in touch here: