Workshop: Cultural Supervision Professional Development


The delivery of Cultural Supervision and Group Professional Development Workshops has a special focus for managers, staff, support workers and peers in mental health, social work, corrections, psychological services, counsellors, psychotherapists, lecturers, volunteers, and those who work with whānau Māori, in various communities. The services are for individual supervision and group supervision, of up to four staff members in your organisation. Feel free to make contact to discuss a proposal for your staff and thank you for taking the opportunity to consider the Kura Huna bi-cultural supervision practices for your organisation. Workshops can be arranged for your staff in your workplace or on the marae.  Our vision is simple – it’s about hauora!  We want everyone in Hawke’s Bay to be healthy.

He aha te mea nui mo te ora?

He Atua. He Atua. He Atua

What is the most important thing for wellbeing?

It is your divine uniqueness.

It is your divine uniqueness.

It is your divine uniqueness



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