Training: Workshops & Courses

We believe we have come to earth to learn, expand and develop a greater understanding of ourselves, and those we come in contact with – these people can often be our teachers.  Divine timing is everything; nothing is by chance. You have arrived here, because you have been guided to the right place.

We believe that we each have the potential to access the information, that we need to promote wellbeing – hauora for ourselves, our family and whānau.  Through our Workshops and Courses, we offer you the opportunity to enhance your life. We aim to widen and deepen your perception of wellbeing, sharing with you ways that you can enhance your time on this earth, helping you to live the life you were meant to live.

We hope that natural therapies will continue grow to become a respected and integral part of the healthcare system; and that all people may have access to natural healthcare.  We envision also, that prevention rather than cure will be the prime motivation behind all healthcare, with complementary healthcare therapists playing a respected and integral role in society.  Our Mission is to provide community educative training, workshops and courses about hauora – holistic health and wellbeing.

These core values are at the foundation of our Training Workshops, Courses and Clinical practice:  Aroha, love and caring for all.  Rangimarie, peacefulness in all our activities.  Manākitanga, appropriate activity that respects one another.