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Fees for missed appointments:

Late Arrivals:
We make every effort to maintain appointment time commitments. If you are running late, please call to reschedule. We understand that special circumstances can arise, which may cause you to run a few minutes behind.  On occasion we are able to work-in late arrivals into the schedule, however, this is at the discretion of our front office staff. If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, to help avoid delays in treatment and extensive waiting times, we may ask you to reschedule.

Missed Appointments (No-Shows)
If you are unable to make your appointment, we respectfully ask that you notify our clinic at least 48 hours in advance by email or phone.  48 hrs notice is preferred and 24 hrs notice is required.  Failure to cancel an appointment 24 hours before your appointment that you do not attend will be considered a missed appointment or no show.

No Shows Protocol
If you fail to attend the appointment, you could be charged a $80 no-show fee. In addition, a course of action will be determined based on a review of your case and individual situation. You are directly responsible for payment of the no-show fee on or before your next appointment. The no-show fee cannot be billed to your insurance company or ACC.

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