About us


Welcome to The Health Boutique

Today, awareness and interest in natural remedies and therapies are on the increase, and we continue to push with much passion for personalised, culturally competent, professional care, to ensure all people receive equitable, effective healthcare. Our passionate belief that health should be natural, is at the heart of The Health Boutique. Our practitioner team believe in nature, honesty and transparency, and your right to know what goes into the remedies and the services that you invest in.


The Health Boutique offers an intuitive and unique hands on approach to treatment integrating a variety of therapies for a balanced perspective of your health. Working with you to understand the whole person, to help you achieve a lifestyle of the highest quality. Our approach is friendly, open and positive. We take a non judgmental approach to our work with people, and our emphasis is on empowering our patients in their lives.


Our vision is simple – it’s about hauora! ¬†We want everyone in Hawke’s Bay to be healthy. ¬†


Our philosophy underpins a global holistic belief that to facilitate healing, is to heal the whole person. From the basis of this philosophy, we provide professional effective services, that assist those that are ready to re-discover wellbeing.


Our Mission is to Make Your Life Better.  We can help you to optimise your health and improve recovery times, with the overall aim of improving function, reducing pain and ultimately improving the quality of your life.  This will be done through the provision of high quality healthcare, that is derived from the belief that all people are connected to a centre, yet unique.  

High Quality

We take an holistic and goal-oriented approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be we want to help you achieve them.  

‚ÄčPatient Care

We  discuss the best treatment options for you, to enhance your recovery and formulate a treatment plan together. 

‚Äč‚ÄčProfessional Service

The Health Boutique¬†selects the most talented and committed independent, self-employed therapists to work in our Therapy Rooms. ¬†Every therapist is fully qualified by a recognised accredited course, affiliated with a professional governing association, and will have satisfied our own high standards. ¬†¬†Our therapists¬†¬†strive to be professional and have a shared passion for helping our community by extending ManńĀkitanga (hospitality, reciprocity and respect).¬†

For more information do not hesitate to contact Sharon 0211 836 894, or get in touch here: