If we do not take care, we will not be able to give of ourselves entirely – in our relationships, work, goals and passions. We simply are unable to ‘show up’ in our own lives.  We hope that you enjoy this post, part of The Self-Care Series.

Our sense of smell is believed to be one of the strongest memory banks that we have as humans, and this is due to the connection between the brain and the olfactory Bulb.  This post focusses specifically on how you can utilise essential oils as a means of self-care, to allow yourself to be transported. When you inhale an Aroma (essential oil) those molecules interact with the central part of our brain known as the amygdala, this is part of the limbic system and was at a time known as the ‘smell brain’.

The receptors in your nose that receive scent, then interact with your limbic system, and the specific parts of your brain relating to memory. This is often why when we smell something, it can trigger a memory. When we choose to create a purposeful regime regularly, through slowing down and using scent as a vehicle to infuse a quiet moment, this can encourage the body to come to know this scent and moment as a time of inducing the rest and digest response in the body. A time to relax and be intentional with our time.

I hope that by using these thoughtful rituals and blends they become a tool that you can come back to time and again, which will over time allow the body to be reminded of a time to relax. Just as old memories are triggered by past smells.

Here are a few different ways that you can bring essential oils,

into your life and self-care routine:


Place 1- 6 drops of essential oil into your diffuser. It is always nice to use a diffuser prior to the time that you want to be spending in that chosen space of your house, so that when you return the aroma has already begun to diffuse into the air.  Try quietly reading a book or do something relaxing like stretch or meditating while you enjoy the space.


Add 1-9 drops of the essential oil to water.  Humidifiers can allow the essential aromas to be distributed throughout a room. These are an option in a bedroom, also nice in that they do not heat or damage the essential oils.


Mix essential oils with Epsom salts and place in your bath.  Run the bath, add the oils and close the door in order to trap all the aromas in.


Sometimes when you are short on time, try placing a drop of essential oil in the palm of your hand, find a quiet spot to sit and gently inhale and exhale the aroma for 5 minutes. You may be surprised at how calming and effective this can be. Deep breathing can stimulate the rest and digest response, that ‘it is safe’. This is a powerful tool, coupled with essential oil.


Press one drop of essential oil onto your clothes over your heart and smell that scent as you go about your day.

Here are just a few of  favourite

calming and peace inducing essential oils

that you can bring into your routine:

Roman chamomile



Ylang Ylang



Clary sage


Note: there are however certain essential oils that should be avoided altogether during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  The rest should definitely be avoided for the first trimester, to be safe. The following are to be avoided altogether:

Anise Star

Birch, sweet









Parsley seed or leaf









Enjoy being transported.

The spirit of this post lies in our passion for women’s wellness, and guiding women towards making positive and sustainable changes to their lives, in order to come home to themselves and their cycle.